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This is an 18+ blog so be warned. All things perverted, devious and down right dirty that I happen to find sexy and a turn on. All images are not owned or created by me unless stated otherwise.
I'm Sylene, a devious, pansexual female Switch in D/s relationships. I also identify as a snow leopard/wolf furry but am not into fursuits.... welcome to the blog!


My pokesona x3


My pokesona x3










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Holy crap this is the most accurate post I have ever seen in my life

wait…this is a completely different gif set on my blog…

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What? How? O_O


holy I’m trying this

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monster mashing questions

  • ghost: what would you like on your tombstone?
  • dracula: are you afraid of aging? or death?
  • nosferatu: what, as a child, did you imagine went bump in the night?
  • creature from the black lagoon: what's your favorite place to go for a break? (eg vacation spot or comforting place, book, etc)
  • godzilla: what do you do when you are angry? are you ever destructive?
  • frankenstein's monster: when you fall apart, what pulls you back together?
  • the blob: do you collect anything? if so, what & why?
  • zombie: when was the last time you trusted your gut? was it successful?
  • mothra: what is something dangerous that attracts or fascinates you?
  • king kong: what are some questionable choices you've made lately?
  • alien: what is your strangest feature?
  • 50 ft woman: what is your most prominent strength?
  • witch: if you could magically change anything about yourself right now, what would it be and why?
  • cthulhu: do you like the ocean? why or why not?
  • nessie: have you ever felt invisible to people -- the feeling of not existing?
  • mutant spider: what is one of your biggest fears?
  • werewolf: if you could change into any nonhuman animal and back at will, what animal would you change into and why?
  • freddy kreuger: what is one of your worst nightmares?
  • jason voorhees: do you feel you are laughed at often? do you laugh at other people? if so, in what situations?
  • golem: if you could make up an imaginary friend, what would they be like and why?
  • leprechaun: what is your "pot of gold" (or white whale, if you'd rather)
  • sharktopus: what is something you've done that was ridiculous or a bad decision?
  • mummy: would you like to ever have children? why or why not?
  • robot: what is a habit you do without thinking?

by Cynthia C.


by Cynthia C.


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I checked to see if these were in Silencio’s Tumblr, but they weren’t. BECAUSE DAT DIPHALLIC DUDE THO.

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(Source: furrypornparty)


Furry comic: playing with your food


Some collar play and cock worship with master tonight (^-w-^)

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